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The notion that employees should be safe at work is not a recent development. Legislation was developed in the 1970s to restructure the different laws on safety issues making management in charge of the provision and safeguarding of satisfactory standards and policies. Under ‘common law’ all employers have a duty of care that is compulsory in order to protect their employees. The Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996 obliges employers to utilise a safety sign where there is a considerable risk to health and safety that has not been avoided or controlled by the methods required under other relevant law, provided the use of a safety sign can assist to decrease the danger. A Safety sign is not a replacement for those other methods of controlling hazards but it plays a vital part in helping to minimise risk within the workplace. Employers also have the responsibility to create a safe place to work and health and safety signs can support and encourage employees to maintain the level of awareness necessary.

Providing quality safety signs such as fire signage around the workplace is an essential ingredient to comply with health & safety legislation and provides the workforce with clear and concise safety instructions and directions. Our comprehensive range of workplace safety signs allows employers to meet their Health and Safety obligations. When you place your order for health and safety signs from Facilities Buyer you can do so with complete peace of mind. Our secure online payment system and speedy delivery offer you the best service possible. Our safety signs and posters are made out of durable and long-lasting materials and covey the message with a clear and sharp image. All our health safety signs are compliant with the relevant British and EC Standards where applicable. Displaying workplace safety signs such as smoking safety signs advises and informs employees and prevents any rule breaking and confusion. Signs such as directional fire signage ensure awareness within the workplace and help to reduce the risks of any accidents. Facilities Buyer has a wide range of health and safety signs for use in the workplace. Our smoking safety signs enable your company to comply with smoking regulations and all our health and safety signs are supplied in accordance with British Quality Standards and European Quality Standards. With the exception of the general use safety signs and those signs which comply with international legislation. All our health and safety signs are manufactured in accordance with BS5499 standards. All our workplace safety signs such as directional fire signs and smoking safety signs are made to the highest quality and at Facilities Buyer; we pride ourselves on offering you the very best products at the very best prices.

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In England and Wales in 2005 there were approximately 25,000 fires in business premises or other places where people work, convene or congregate. 26 people died and around 1,250 were injured. There is also a considerable financial outlay and numerous businesses which experience a fire and never re-open. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 came into effect in October 2006 and merged all fire safety legislation for non-domestic properties into a single Order. Under the Order, those accountable for non-domestic premises are required to actively practise and preserve fire safety on their premises. This includes displaying correct and valid signage such as a health and safety poster and fire equipment signs.

Fire equipment signs displaying where to find a fire blanket is a vital part of upholding your company’s health and safety. Health and safety posters are not only invaluable to your employees but also for visitors to your premises they could reduce the risk of serious incident. A health and safety poster can display information such as prevention of trips, slips and falls, danger of electric shock and fire safety. First aid posters can show where the first aid room is and who the first aiders within the company are. Here at Facilities Buyer we can supply your company with all the necessary fire equipment signs, health and safety posters and first aid posters required to maintain an excellent level of health and safety within in the workplace.

A fire blanket or fire proof blanket is used for smothering a fire and as a body wrap to extinguish or protect from fire. A fire blanket is a fast and effective safeguard for the home kitchen, commercial catering and general business use.

Our commitment to providing companies with top quality health and safety posters, fire equipment signs and flire blankets and at highly competitive prices is parallel to none. We provide you with excellent customer service and At Facilities Buyer if you can find any product on this website cheaper at another site we will do our best to beat the price offered.

Not only providing an excellent range of notice boards and display cabinets for the workplace, here at Facilities Buyer you can discover a various collection of health and safety signs. If you are requiring a first aid poster for your factory floor or office space, we are the specialist experts who can deliver superb quality informational posters such as our first aid poster range. Already used in many workplaces across the UK, our collections of posters feature valuable information and incorporate images to offer helpful and valuable assistance in the event of an array of circumstances occurring.

Detailing what to do in different emergencies, from dealing with injuries sustained by children to several accidents within the workplace, the various posters that we supply offer straightforward and clear, concise directions on how to deal with situations you may experience.

Coated in a durable, hardwearing laminated coating, the first aid poster range covers a range of incidents and can assist you in giving first aid to children, employees hurt within the workplace, important assistance for giving first aid on Construction sites and much more. At Facilities Buyer we provide first aid for eyes posters which are to be situated next to eyewash areas and first aid posters for treating burns as just two examples.